Link Catagories:
Epilepsy Centers
Support Groups
Education/ Public Awareness
Fundraising/ Research
Suggest a link is a collection of internet based resources compiled from suggestions of visiters to this site.
  Resource catagories:    
    Informational: General information on Epilepsy and Seizure disorders also included are links to cause specific organizations and the history of epilepsy.  
    Epilepsy Centers: Search a national database of epilepsy centers or visit community suggested links by region.  
    Support Groups: Find national, regional and web based support groups.  
    Treatments: Links to information on epilepsy medications, epilepsy diets and epilepsy surgery.  
    Education/ Public Awareness: Organizations focusing on raising the public’s awareness of Epilepsy through education.  
    Fundraising/ Research: Organizations dedicated to epilepsy related research and fundraising for epilepsy research.